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Title      : Organic Evolution
Subject      : Zoology
copyright © 2019   : LUTFUR RAHMAN SAIKIA
Publisher      : Interlinepublishing
Chapters/Pages      : 5/27
Total Price      : Rs.      : 11
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Origin of life Total views (9)  
Life is an inherent capacity that organism possesses to maintain and reproduce itself. Many theories have been put forwarded to explain the origin of life.
Pages: 6
Price: Rs 0   
Evolution - Micro and Mega, Biochemical evedence of Organic Evolution. Total views (7)  
Evolution, History of ideas of evolution, Microevolution, Macroevolution and Mega evolution and Biochemical evidences in support of organic evolution:
Pages: 6
Price: Rs 3.3   
Darwinism and Neo-Darwinism Total views (3)  
Darwinism, Neo-Darwinism, Differences between Darwinism and Neo- Darwinism and And difference between Darwinism and Lamarkuism.
Pages: 4
Price: Rs 2.2   
Phylogeny of Horse and Man. Total views (6)  
Student orient notes on Phylogeny of Horse and Man .
Pages: 7
Price: Rs 3.85   
Speciation and Isolation, Role of Geographical Isolation Total views (5)  
Student orient notes on speciation and isolation
Pages: 4
Price: Rs 2.2