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Title      : Wireless Networks
Subject      : Electronics and Communication
copyright © 2020   : Scitech Publications (India) Pvt Ltd
Author      : Chitra M.P, Navarajan J and Suganthi R
Publisher      : Scitech Publications (India) Pvt Ltd
Chapters/Pages      : 6/236
Total Price      : Rs.      : 110
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Pages: 16
Price: Rs 0   
Chapter 1 * Wireless LAN Total views (0)  
This unit deals with the WLAN technologies, Various Standards, protocol architecture of IEEE 802.11 with its standards and the spectrum allocation for WiMAX which enables the potential of wireless technologies. A special feature of HIPER LAN2 will provide high-speed communications access to different broad- band core networks and moving terminals. It also depicts the Wireless LANS are the replacem ......
Pages: 64
Price: Rs 32   
Chapter 2 * Mobile Network Layer Total views (0)  
This unit follows the delivery of the IP packet and explains the basics of packet encapsulation with internet network layer and also it presents the mobile IP as an extension of the Internet protocol in the mobile domain. This unit includes the routing protocols and standards for the adhoc network.
Pages: 50
Price: Rs 25   
Chapter 3 * Mobile Transport Layer Total views (0)  
This unit discusses several methodologies of adapting the current Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), which is well known from the Internet, to the special requirements of mobile communication systems. It deals with the comparison of TCP protocol with different layers.
Pages: 32
Price: Rs 16   
Chapter 4 * Wireless Wide - Area Network Total views (0)  
In this unit enumerates about the features of UMTS core network architecture. It includes the DHCP protocol with its features to reduce network administration.
Pages: 44
Price: Rs 22   
Chapter 5 * 4G Networks Total views (0)  
This unit discusses wireless technologies up to 3G but also provides some insight into 4G technologies. It focuses on smart antenna techniques to extend the capabilities of 4G systems over 3G to support high speed mobile applications.
Pages: 30
Price: Rs 15