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Title      : Mechanics of Fluids
Subject      : Civil Enginnering
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Author      : Purushothama Raj P and Ramasamy V
Publisher      : Scitech Publications (India) Pvt Ltd
Chapters/Pages      : 6/398
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A basic knowledge of Fluid Mechanics is essential for many engineers who deal an fluid, and particularly for civil engineers. Thus two courses connected with fluid mechanics, viz., Mechanics of Fluids and Applied Hydraulic engineering have been included as core subjects in the civil engineering curriculum of various technical universities and autonomous engineering colleges. Two chapters have been ......
Pages: 12
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Chapter 1 * Fluid Properties and Flow Statics Total views (0)  
Fluid – definition, distinction between solid and fluid - Units and dimensions - Properties of fluids - density, specific weight, specific volume, specific gravity, viscosity, compressibility, vapour pressure, capillarity and surface tension - Fluid statics: concept of fluid static pressure, absolute and gauge pressures - pressure measurements by manometers-forces on planes – centre of pressur ......
Pages: 102
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Chapter 2 * Fluid Kinematics and Fluid Dynamics Total views (0)  

Pages: 112
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Chapter 3 * Viscous Flow and Flow Through Pipes Total views (0)  

Pages: 74
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Chapter 4 * Boundary Layer Total views (0)  
Boundary layer – definition- boundary layer on a flat plate – laminar and turbulent boundary layer- displacement, energy and momentum thickness – Momentum integral equation-Boundary layer separation and control – drag on flat plate.
Pages: 44
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Chapter 5 * Dimensional Analysis and Model Studies Total views (0)  
Fundamental dimensions - dimensional homogeneity - Rayleigh’s method and Buckingham Pi- theorem - dimensionless parameters - similitudes and model studies - distorted models.
Pages: 54
Price: Rs 27