Title      : Operations Research
Subject      : Mechanical Engineering
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Author      : Sudarshan Rao K
Publisher      : Shri Madhwa Vadiraja Institute of Technology and Management
Chapters/Pages      : 6/91
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Chapter 1 Total views (6)  
INTRODUCTION: Evolution of OR, definition of OR, scope of OR, application areas of OR, steps (phases) in OR study, characteristics and limitations of OR, models used in OR, linear programming (LP) problem-formulation and solution by graphical method.
Pages: 18
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Chapter 2 Total views (6)  
SOLUTION OF Linear Programming PROBLEMS: The simplex method-canonical and standard form of an LP problem, slack, surplus and artificial variables, big M method and concept of duality, dual simplex method.
Pages: 16
Price: Rs 4   
Chapter 3 Total views (5)  
TRANSPORTATION PROBLEM: Formulation of transportation problem, types, initial basic feasible solution using different methods, optimal solution by MODI method, degeneracy in transportation problems, application of transportation problem concept for maximization cases. Assignment Problem-formulation, types, application to maximization cases and travelling salesman problem.
Pages: 29
Price: Rs 7.25   
Chapter 4 Total views (4)  
PERT-CPM TECHNIQUES: Introduction, network construction - rules, Fulkerson’s rule for numbering the events, AON and AOA diagrams; Critical path method to find the expected completion time of a project, floats; PERT for finding expected duration of an activity and project, determining the probability of completing a project, predicting the completion time of project; crashing of simple projects.
Pages: 9
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Chapter 5 Total views (3)  
QUEUING THEORY: Queuing systems and their characteristics, Pure-birth and Pure-death models (only equations), empirical queuing models – M/M/1 and M/M/C models and their steady state performance analysis.
Pages: 10
Price: Rs 2.5   
Chapter 6 Total views (3)  
GAME THEORY: Formulation of games, types, solution of games with saddle point, graphical method of solving mixed strategy games, dominance rule for solving mixed strategy games.
Pages: 9
Price: Rs 2.25   

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