Title      : Basic of Analog Electronics
Subject      : Electronics and Communication
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Author      : Dinesh Prasad, Mohd. Ashraf and Zainab Haseeb
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This book deals with analog electronics covering the major portion of basic of electronics, which is the prerequisite of any undergraduate student in the field of electronics. Analog electronics refers to that branch of electronics which deals with continuously varying signal. We all are well aware of the fact that everything in its natural form is analog in nature. There are vast numbers of analo ......
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Chapter 1 * Semiconductor Diodes and Its Applications Total views (1)  

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Chapter 2 * Bipolar Junction Transistors Total views (0)  
Electronics field was revolutionized after the invention of the bipolar transistor in 1948. Before the invention this, field requiring huge, fragile, more power consuming vacuum tubes was replaced with tiny, rugged, low power dissipating silicon devices. After the invention of transistor, it became possible to design and manufacture of lightweight, inexpensive electronic devices. Hence knowledge o ......
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Chapter 3 * Field Effect Transistor Total views (0)  
The first FET was invented by Japanese engineers Junichi Nishizawa and Y. Watanabe in 1950 named as the static induction transistor (SIT). The SIT is a short channel length type JFET. The MOSFET was invented by Dawon Kahng and Martin Atalla in 1959. The bipolar transistor suffer two major drawbacks (i) Low input impedance, (ii) Noise By proper designing, input impedance of BJT can be improved up t ......
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Chapter 4 * Feedback Amplifier and Oscillators Total views (0)  
Feedback refers to the process in which a part or fraction of output is sent back to input. Feedback is used in virtually all amplifier system. Invented in 1928 by Harold Black - engineer in Western Electric Company. Feedback is generally used to stabilize the gain of amplifier. The amplifier that operates on the principle of feedback is known as feedback amplifier.
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Chapter 5 * Operational Amplifier and Its Applications Total views (0)  
Integrated circuits (ICs) have a great impact in the electronics world - both analog and digital circuits have revealed the potential to change the electronics world. One of the most important building blocks that has revolutionized entire electronics world is operational amplifier, or op-amp. The op-amp possesses the ability to make high performance amplifier just with the help of few other compo ......
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Chapter 6 * Fundamentals of Communication Engineering Total views (0)  
Communication is the process of exchange of information from source to destination or from transmitter to receiver. It is a process to send message at a distance. Communication engineering comes into the picture if the distance between sender and receiver is large. There are generally two ways to convey the message using communication engineering. First technique is line communication or wired com ......
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