Title      : Engineering Mathematics I
Subject      : Mathematics
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Author      : Anuradha P
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This book on Engineering Mathematics - I covers the syllabus for the 1st Semester course of B.E / B.Tech programmes offered by various major universities and autonomous colleges. It covers the following topics Differential Calculus, Functions of Several Variables, Integral Calculus, Multiple Integrals and Differential Equations.
Pages: 10
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Chapter 1 * Differential Calculus Total views (2)  
Representation of functions - Limit of a function - Continuity - Derivatives - Differentiation rules - Maxima and Minima of functions of one variable.
Pages: 136
Price: Rs 68   
Chapter 2 * Functions of Several Variables Total views (0)  
Partial differentiation – Homogeneous functions and Euler‘s theorem – Total derivative – Change of variables – Jacobians – Partial differentiation of implicit functions – Taylor‘s series for functions of two variables – Maxima and minima of functions of two variables – Lagrange‘s method of undetermined multipliers.
Pages: 80
Price: Rs 40   
Chapter 3 * Integral Calculus Total views (0)  
Definite and Indefinite integrals - Substitution rule - Techniques of Integration - Integration by parts, Trigonometric integrals, Trigonometric substitutions, Integration of rational functions by partial fraction, Integration of irrational functions - Improper integrals.
Pages: 114
Price: Rs 57   
Chapter 4 * Multiple Integrals Total views (0)  
Double integrals – Change of order of integration – Double integrals in polar coordinates – Area enclosed by plane curves – Triple integrals – Volume of solids – Change of variables in double and triple integrals.
Pages: 96
Price: Rs 48   
Chapter 5 * Differential Equations Total views (0)  
Higher order linear differential equations with constant coefficients - Method of variation of parameters – Homogenous equation of Euler‘s and Legendre‘s type – System of simultaneous linear differential equations with constant coefficients - Method of undetermined coefficients.
Pages: 90
Price: Rs 45   

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