Title      : Cryptography and Network Security Cyber Law
Subject      : Computer Science
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Author      : uzma taj
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Computer security is all about studying cyber-attacks with a view to defending against them.  The attacks include pharming and phishing attacks together with assorted malware and denial of service attacks.  Understanding what makes systems vulnerable to these attacks is an important first step in avoiding or preventing them.  There are different classes of vulnerabilities including tho ......
Pages: 48
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Module 2 Total views (0)  
Public Key Cryptography and RSA – RSA Operations, Why Does RSA Work?, Performance, Applications, Practical Issues, Public Key Cryptography Standard (PKCS), Cryptographic Hash - Introduction, Properties, Construction, Applications and Performance, The Birthday Attack, Discrete Logarithm and its Applications - Introduction, Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange, Other Applications.
Pages: 32
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Module 3 Total views (0)  
Key Management - Introduction, Digital Certificates, Public Key Infrastructure, Identity–based Encryption, Authentication–I - One way Authentication, Mutual Authentication, Dictionary Attacks, Authentication – II – Centalised Authentication, The Needham-Schroeder Protocol, Kerberos, Biometrics, IPSecSecurity at the Network Layer – Security at Different layers: Pros and Cons, IPSec in ......
Pages: 57
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Module 4 Total views (0)  
IEEE 802.11 Wireless LAN Security - Background, Authentication, Confidentiality and Integrity, Viruses, Worms, and Other Malware, Firewalls – Basics, Practical Issues, Intrusion Prevention and Detection - Introduction, Prevention Versus Detection, Types of Instruction Detection Systems, DDoS Attacks Prevention/Detection, Web Service Security – Motivation, Technologies for Web Services, WS ......
Pages: 62
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IT act aim and objectives, Scope of the act, Major Concepts, Important provisions, Attribution, acknowledgement, and dispatch of electronic records, Secure electronic records and secure digital signatures, Regulation of certifying authorities: Appointment of Controller and Other officers, Digital Signature certificates, Duties of Subscribers, Penalties and adjudication, The cyber 10 Hours re ......
Pages: 36
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