Political Science - Meaning, Nature, Scope and Importance
SUBJECT : Political Science
PUBLISHED ON : 28/10/14
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Political science is a social science. It deals with the state and government. The importance of politics is quite obvious from the fact that today there is no aspect of human life which is free of state interference and there is hardly any aspect of our life which is not affected by politics, In this regard Robert A. Dahl says; " whether one likes it or not, virtually no one is completely beyond the reach of some kind of political system. A citizen encounters politics in the government of the country, town, school, church, business firm, trade union, deals, political party, civic association and a lost of other organizations. Politics is one of the unavoidable facts of human existence. Everyone is involved in some fashion system. " and the common citizen is both its subject and object. With this introduction let-us proceed to discuss the meaning, nature, scope as well as to importance in the modern days is the next sections.

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