State- Meaning, Definition and Elements
SUBJECT : Political Science
PUBLISHED ON : 30/08/13
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The State is the central theme of political science. Basically political science is a study of the state. Many other institutions, many other theories, and many other issues are taken up for study only in the context or back ground of the state. The state is the framework within which all processes of domestic politics take place. It is also the cause of conflicts for realization of national interests, Hence, the discipline of political science cannot ignore any analysis of the modern state Dr Garner says that political science begins and ends with the state. State is the pivot on which higher the welfare of the people. All study in political science revolves around the state. Study of the state is indispensable for an understanding of all Aspects political science. With this introduction, now let us proceed to discuss the meaning, nature definitions and elements of the state in the following sections.

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