Nature of State Organic Theory
SUBJECT : Political Science
PUBLISHED ON : 30/08/13
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The nature of state has been a subject of much controversy among scholars since earliest times and number of theories regarding the nature of state have been observed. These theories are to a large extend a reflection of contemporary influences and conditions. Some political thinker like plato and Aristotle regarded the state as an ethical institution. They held that the state was the greatest moral institution which aimed at the ethical development of man and provision of good life. Juristic theory treats the state as a legal person having a district personality and will of its own. It mainly exists to protect the rights, life and property of the people by maintaining law and order as well as legal basis. According to another view state is regarded as a living organism and individual is only as small part of unit of this organism. According to Karl Marks Engles and other Marxian thinkers the state is a welfare of social service agency with this introduction, now let us proceed to discuss the organic nature of state in detail.

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