Origin of the state - theory of divine origin, Force theory, patriarchal and matriarchal Theories
SUBJECT : Political Science
PUBLISHED ON : 28/10/14
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One of the most baffling problems of political science is how the state originated. Men in the past speculated about the problem without finding any satisfactory answer. The origin of the state is shrouded in mystery. It has in the limbo of the obscure past. History does not help in any way in tracing the origin of the state because it came into existence long before history began to be recorded. It is because of the lack of historical evidence, that political thinker has to depend upon sociology, biology, ethnology and anthropology for any suggestion as the circumstances and conditions under which the state came into existence. But the material at our disposal is so inadequate that we have to depend upon conjectures and generalizations to explain the origin of the state.

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