Historical or Evolutionary Theory of Origin of the State
SUBJECT : Political Science
PUBLISHED ON : 28/10/14
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The origin of the state is shrouded in obscurity. In spite of a number of important theories of state origin, no single theory seems to be adequate. To quote garner, " The state is neither the handiwork of God, nor the result of superior physical force, nor the creation of resolution or convention nor a mere expansion of the family". It is a slow process of growth and evolution. The state did not came into existence abruptly. It has developed from its crude and simple form to the modern complex structure slowly. As one of the many agencies of social control, the state, in history has passed through different stages of development. It is the product of a steady evolutionary process in which more than one factor participated. The generally accepted theory of the state origin, known as the evolutionary theory is based on pluralistic interpretation of political phenomena. With this introduction, now let us proceed to discuss the role played by different factors in the evolution of state.

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