Groundwater Hydrology
SUBJECT : Environmental Science and Technology
PUBLISHED ON : 21/09/13
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Ground-water hydrology is the subdivision of the science of hydrology that deals with the occurrence, movement, and quality of water beneath the Earth's surface. It is interdisciplinary in scope in that it involves the application of the physical, biological, and mathematical sciences. It is also a science whose successful application is of critical importance to the welfare of mankind. Because ground-water hydrology deals with the occurrence and movement of water in an almost infinitely complex subsurface environment, it is, in its most advanced state, one of the most complex of the sciences. On the other hand, many of its basic principles and methods can be understood readily by non hydrologists and used by them in the solution of ground-water problems. The ground-water environment is hidden from view except in caves and mines, and the impression that we gain even from these are, to a large extent, misleading . From our observations on the land surface, we form an impression of a "solid" Earth.

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