Subject      : Engineering Chemistry
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Author      : K K Padmanabha, Madhukala K L, Pradeep Kaushik, Vatsalya Krupa
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Solutions of two salts in a simple molecular ratio are mixed together and allowed to evaporate, crystals of a new compound are formed called molecular compound or addition compound. There are two types of molecular compounds.
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INDUSTRIAL MATERIALS-1 Total views (2)  
The word refractory implies resistant to melting or fusion. In technology, refractory refers to those materials which are used to withstand the effect of thermal, chemical and physical effects that do not melt during furnace procedures, whenever very high temperature is involved, for example, in furnaces, kilns and electrical heating apparatus. Refractories are the materials with high melting ......
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Bio-inorganic chemistry is a fast developing branch of chemistry which explores the role of metallic (and some non-metallic) elements in biological systems. Metals such as Na, K, Mg, Ca whose ions present in large quantity in biological systems are called bulk metals. Metals such as Fe, Cu, Co, Zn, Cr, Mn, Mo, W, Ni etc whose ions are present in trace amounts are called trace elements. Both ty ......
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Polymers are known to have good insulating property. Later discoveries shown that polymers also conduct electricity like metals. They are called conducting polymers. Such compounds may have metallic conductivity or can be semiconductors. The biggest advantage is that conducting polymers can be easily processed by dispersion. Generally conducting polymers are not thermoplastics. But, like insul ......
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NUCLEIC ACIDS Total views (0)  
One of the most amazing aspects of life is the ability of living organisms to reproduce themselves. In accomplishing this, the nucleic acids play a vital role.
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HORMONES Total views (0)  
A hormone is a chemical that acts as a messenger transmitting a signal from one cell to another. When it binds to another cell which is the target of the message, the hormone can alter several aspects of cell function, including cell growth, metabolism or other function Hormones can be classi􀂿 ed according to chemical composition, solubility properties, location of receptors, and the ......
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ENZYMES Total views (1)  
Enzymes are the catalysts for the chemical reactions of life. Nearly all chemical reactions in biological systems are catalysed by enzymes and they are often referred to as biological catalysts They are the most remarkable compounds and affect the life to such an extent that life has aptly been called as “an orderly function of enzymes”. An enzyme is a very complex molecule consisting of a hig ......
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Life on earth depends on the 􀃀 ow of energy from the thermonuclear reactions occurring at the heart of sun. Thus energy for all biological processes ultimately comes from sun. Living cells have complex and ef􀂿 cient systems to change energy form one form to another, transforming the radiant energy from the sun into the chemical and mechanical energy used by everything that is ......
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Present knowledge of biochemistry is based on the laboratory tools employed for biochemical experimentation. The development of sensitive and sophisticated analytical techniques has tremendously contributed to our understanding and development of concepts in biochemistry.
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METABOLISM Total views (0)  
In any living system, energy exchanges occur through enzyme catalyzed reaction. The sum total of all enzymatic reactions occurring in a cell is referred to as metabolism, (from the Greek metabole, meaning “change”) Metabolism occur through a series of steps involving a number of intermediates therefore also referred to as intermediary metabolism. Metabolism is a highly co-ordinated purposeful ......
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The nucleic acid and protein biosynthesis are the two important processes that are responsible for self expression of genetic information in living system. The nucleic acid duplication or biosynthesis is necessary for the passage of genetic information during cell division to yield identical daughter cells. The protein biosynthesis is responsible for expressing the genetic information. This pr ......
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