Title      : MEN-21 Twentieth Century English Literature
Subject      : English
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Author      : KSOU
Publisher      : Karnataka State Open University
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Background to Twentieth Century English Literature Total views (261)  
Let it also be said here at the outset that for a student in India pursuing English Literature, a knowledge of that land (i ts history an d economy, its changing political tide and the ideologies that have shaped it. its economy and its industrial development and most importantly who may be called its icons of art and wisdom, namely, its men and women who have over the ages produced its literature ......
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Background to Twentieth Century English Literature Total views (249)  
In this segment and the next (the political and the economic background) it might appear at first sight that the student is being taken to matters alien to or at least unconnectedwith the literary. It is indeed true that in political and economic spheres the journey undertaken is vastly different from those in the fields of poelly, drama and fiction .But on closer inspection it should become cle ......
Pages: 22
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Background to Twentieth Century English Literature Total views (243)  
Poetry in our times naturally falls into shOltereras, easily defined by the intervening wars.As the Victorian and Edwardian eras drew to a conclusion and we find ourselves well into the twentieth century, we must look back on the last poets of the Victorian era and those who are transitional figures. Thomas Hardy (1840-1928) and W. B. Yeats (1865-1939), for example, may be classified as among the ......
Pages: 24
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E.M.Foster: A Passage to India Total views (238)  
This will help you to learn about the times. India had changed a great deal since 1924 when this appeared. The Second World War (which Dr. Aziz very well predicts) did indeed bring the termination of the British R a j The differences between Muslims and Hindus in terms of cultural and political a flinities, envisaged the division of the country. The 1940's also saw the abolition of the Native sta ......
Pages: 9
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E.M.Foster: A Passage to India Total views (238)  
The caves are minutely described in the novel as it were a class on expedition which culminates in explanation. "A tunnel eight feet long, five feet high, three feet wide, leads to a circular chamber about twenty feet in diameter. 'It is difficult to describe the cave and the author is inclined make a remark that it is bereft of human speech. But the caves are extraordinary. Another'important aspe ......
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E.M.Foster: A Passage to India Total views (238)  
Mrs. Moore escaped the agony of being present at the trial, the marriage and the hot weather. This was the solace. Her desire to return was also fulfilled. Also note a sense of horror which was in her subconscious when the author says: she had come to that state where the horror of the universe and its smallness are both visible and its same time- the twilight of the double vision . But in the twi ......
Pages: 9
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