Personal Ethics
SUBJECT : Business Ethics and Values
PUBLISHED ON : 02/04/18
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“Personal ethics” has any clear meaning. The term “Personal” is used in a number of ways, which makes it impossible to set out one de􀃀 nition. It seems that atleast three senses can be distinguished. Firstly, Personal ethics is any ethical system or doctrine that has been chosen in some way as a moral guide in the particular life of an agent. Personal ethics in this sense is built upon an individual commitment to a moral life and contrasts with any ethics, no matter how much it is recognized or justi􀃀 ed, that is not the object of such a choice. Personal ethics means, in this case “committed ethic” or “active ethics”. In the second sense, personal ethics is any situationist ethics opposing the universal and impartial ethics embrace in the principle of universalization. Personal is in this case tantamount to ‘particular’ or ‘contextual’. In the third sense, a personal ethics is any ethical system that focuses on the role of agents and their moral dispositions, in opposition to any ethics centered on impersonal values, God, rules, principles, rights, etc. Although in practice all three senses of ethics can intertwine in one and the same doctrine, they are perfectly distinguishable logically and historically.