Role Corporate Culture in Business
SUBJECT : Business Ethics and Values
PUBLISHED ON : 02/04/18
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Corporate or organizational culture is consequences in an organization formed by a set of values and beliefs, carried forward from long time and has substantial impact in the behaviors, quality and quantity of work done by the employee in an organization A decades ago a work culture in India had a vast differences has compare to rest of the world, especially western countries. But now there is a paradigm shift due to enormous growth of MNC’s in IT sector India, BPO’s etc. The advent of globalization made business enterprises and employees to work across the borders of various countries, thus providing exposure to cross culture working environment to both the organizations and employees. This eliminated the huge gap between the work culture of India and other countries to some extent. However, In 􀃀 elds other than IT and Government sectors of India the work culture differs a lot from that of other countries.