Corporate Governance
SUBJECT : Business Ethics and Values
PUBLISHED ON : 02/04/18
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Corporate governance is concerned with set of principles, ethics, values, morals, rules regulations & procedures etc. Corporate governance establishes a system whereby directors are entrusted with duties and responsibilities in relation to the direction of the company’s affairs. The term “governance” means control i.e. controlling a company, an organization etc or a company & corporate governance is governing or controlling the corporate bodies i.e. ethics, values, principles, morals. For corporate governance to be good, the manager needs to meet its responsibilities towards its owners (shareholders), creditors, employees, customers, government and the society at large. Corporate governance helps in establishing a system where a director is showered with duties and responsibilities of the affairs of the company. For effective corporate governance, its policies need to be such that the directors of the company should not abuse their power and instead should understand their duties and responsibilities towards the company and should act in the best interests of the company in the broadest sense. The concept of ‘corporate governance’ is not an end; it’s just a beginning towards growth of company for long term prosperity.