8051 Instruction set
SUBJECT : Microcontrollers and Applications
AUTHOR : Trupti Patil and Prashant Bachanna
PUBLISHED ON : 03/04/18
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The process of writing program for the microcontroller mainly consists of giving instructions (commands) in the specific order in which they should be executed in order to carry out a specific task. As electronics cannot “understand” what for example an instruction “if the push button is pressed- turn the light on” means, then a certain number of simpler and precisely defined orders that decoder can recognize must be used. All commands are known as INSTRUCTION SET. All microcontrollers compatible with the 8051 have in total of 255 instructions, i.e. 255 different words available for program. There are 139 1-byte instructions, 92 2-byteinstructions, and 24 3-byte instruction.