Timers and Counters
SUBJECT : Microcontrollers and Applications
AUTHOR : Trupti Patil and Prashant Bachanna
PUBLISHED ON : 03/04/18
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A single microcontroller can serve several devices. There are two ways to do that interrupt or polling. In polling a microcontroller continuously monitors the status of a given device; when the status condition is met, it performs the service. After that it moves on to monitor the next device until each one is served. In polling method we cannot assign priority to since it checks all device in round robin fashion and hence the device which needs urgent attention of the microcontroller cannot be served. To avoid this problem interrupt method is used. In interrupt method whenever a device needs its service it noti􀂿 es the microcontroller by sending it an interrupt signal. Upon receiving an interrupt signal microcontroller stops whatever it is doing and serves the device.