Title      : Engineering Chemistry Module 1- Electrochemistry and Energy storage System
Subject      : Chemistry
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Author      : Dr P V Krupakara
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Electrochemistry and Energy storage systems Details of the Module- I Sl.No Details Duration Remarks 1.1 Use of free energy in chemical equilibria: Thermodynamic functions: Introduction, I Law of Thermodynamics, Definitions of energy & free energy. II Law of Thermodynamics, definition of entropy. Cell potential: Meaning of EMF 1 hr 1.2 Derivation of Nernst equation for single electrode poten ......
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Chemical Fuels: Introduction, classification based on occurrence and state of aggregation, definitions of CV, LCV and HCV Determination of calorific value of solid/liquid fuel using bomb calorimeter: Principle, diagram, construction, working and calculation Numerical problems on calorific values. Knocking of petrol engine – Definition, mechanism, ill effects and prevention, Power alcohol, ......
Pages: 12
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