Title      : Big Data Analytics
Subject      : Computer/Information Science
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Author      : Bhuvaneswari V and Devi T
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The huge explosion of data in recent years due to the technological advancements made individuals and enterprises to float in data puddle. Enterprises are looking in for potential valuable insights from the large data stores. The existing technologies face the limitation in storing and processing huge volume of data. Data Analytics with Big Data technologies has evolved to process Big data to find ......
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Chapter 1 * Data Evolution Total views (0)  
Chapter 1 briefs and provides detailed evolution of data and ICT advancements for business operational and strategic decisions. We have presented the data evolution landscape and stated how technologies enable huge generation of data leading data to data science.
Pages: 7
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Chapter 2 * Data Science Total views (0)  
Chapter 2 focuses on introduction about Data Science, need for data analytics. We have presented the relation of data, data science and data analytics. Data Sciences components are explained with statistical and computational approaches. The emerging data science roles and skills required are presented. Data Analytics applications are explained with case scenarios.
Pages: 12
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Chapter 3 * Big Data Road Map Total views (0)  
Chapter 3 presents with a road map of Big data evolution. The characteristics of Big data are explained. The chapter explains the benefits and limitation of big data.
Pages: 8
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Chapter 4 * HADOOP Total views (1)  
Chapter 4 we have focused to provide a clear perspective on Big data technology the HADOOP. The chapter starts with an introduction to Hadoop and how Hadoop is a platform for Big data technologies and we have explained in detail about the architecture and components of Hadoop. The MapReduce Programming model behind Hadoop is explained with the architecture and components in details. The chapter al ......
Pages: 22
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Chapter 5 * HADOOP Ecosystem Total views (0)  
Chapter 5 In this chapter, a brief overview about the Hadoop ecosystem, the components involved in ecosystem are discussed. We have provided with a step by step procedure for creating Hadoop Ecosystem through installation of Hadoop, PIG, and Hive.
Pages: 16
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Chapter 6 * SPARK and SCALA Total views (0)  
Chapter 6 we have given an introduction of SPARK, the next advancements of Big data technology Hadoop and Programming language SCALA next to Pig and Hive SCALA programming interface, SCALA – REPL is explained. The comparative view of JAVA and SCALA similarities and differences are highlighted. Use cases related of SPARK are also presented.
Pages: 8
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Chapter 7 * NoSQL Databases -HBASE Total views (0)  
Chapter 7 this chapter presents with an introduction of NoSQL the next generation database and briefs ideology involved in NoSQL. HBASE NoSQL database of HDFS is explained with characteristics of HBase and commands involved in its Shell.
Pages: 10
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Chapter 8 * PIG Total views (0)  
Chapter 8 gives a brief introduction about PIG programming data flow language in Big data framework. Pig scripts automatically get converted into MapReduce codes reducing the complexity in writing MapReduce codes. Pig execution mode and user interaction modes are explored in detail. Pig Latin commands are briefly explained with syntax and working examples. We have explained working of pig with eas ......
Pages: 24
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Chapter 9 * HIVE Total views (0)  
Chapter 9 starts with an introduction about HIVE features, architecture of HIVE, data types, file formats and built in functions. We have also explained the concepts of partitioning, bucketing and sampling which helps to explore the MapReduce task scenario with examples. A Comparative view on SQL Vs HiveQL is also given to have an easy understanding of HQL.
Pages: 44
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Chapter 10 * Data Analytics Big Data Tools - A State Total views (0)  
Chapter 10 we have put forth a brief view on data analytics tools with support to Big data technology Hadoop. We have given an overview of tools R, SAS and KNIME. An outline of features of R Tools and packages for analysis are presented. We have also briefed on R Hadoop packages and given the installation steps in R. A View on SAS analytics tool with Hadoop support is provided. KNIME tool is explo ......
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