Title      : Programming in C
Subject      : Computer Science
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Author      : Ramaswamy S and Radhaganesan P
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Computers are being used in the fast developing and competitive world to solve the problems with plenty of available data. In the expanding field of computer education, one of the fastest growing, versatile and much sought after languages is C. Any one can understand the principles of this language with much ease if he thinks logically. In this book, the concepts, related to the syntax of the ......
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Chapter 1 * Important of C Total views (0)  
This chapter presents an overview of the importance of ‘C’ language. The ‘C’ language has become extremely popular among the programmers. Although it lacks the object orientation concepts, because of its desirable qualities, it continues to be popular. In this chapter, the origin, significance and some of the interesting features of ‘C’ are outlined.
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Chapter 2 * C Fundamentals Total views (0)  
Like all programming languages, C has its own vocabulary and grammar. The sequence of instructions that are given to execute a specific task is called a program. The instructions are formed from certain words, symbols and numbers, which strictly obey the C grammar or syntax. In this chapter, C grammar has been discussed, consisting of character sets, variables, constants, data types, operator ......
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Chapter 3 * Input/Output Operations Total views (1)  
Unlike other programming languages C language does not have any built-in input/output (I/O) statements as a part of its syntax. All I/O operations are carried out through function calls such as printf () and scanf (). There are several other functions, which are also used for I/O operations in C. These function calls are collectively called as Standard I/O library. In this chapter, we shall de ......
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Chapter 4 * Control Statements Total views (0)  
C is considered as a structured language, and one of the reasons for calling it so is that it has rich and varied program control statements. The control statements can be branched as Conditional and Unconditional control statements. Under conditional control statements it has if and switch. The Unconditional statement is goto. The loop constructs are while, for, and do-while. The control sta ......
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Chapter 5 * Arrays Total views (0)  
Normally variables can store only one value at a time and it is possible to store a new value only after erasing the previous one. But in real life situations, while computing, we would like to store more than one value at a time, and this could be achieved through ARRAYS.
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Chapter 6 * User Defined Function Total views (1)  
It has been mentioned earlier that one main strong factor of C is the use of user-defined functions. The C functions are not only very easy to use but are also very versatile. The usage of several functions like main( ), printf( ) and scanf( ) are already discussed. These are called ‘library’ functions. The other category is the user-defined function. The difference between these two is th ......
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Chapter 7 * Character Handling in C Total views (1)  
This chapter deals with a very important feature of C language namely, handling of characters. A string is an array of characters. A group of characters defined between double quote marks is a string. “Welcome to C language” This is a character string
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Chapter 8 * Pointers Total views (0)  
Pointers are one of the most important features of C language, a strange name to students who are already familiar with BASIC and FORTRAN. Of course without knowing much about pointers, we had already used them in scanf() function itself. Any variable that is used in a program will have its address in the memory. But in other languages we do not take strain to know the variable’s address. Ho ......
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Chapter 9 * Preprocessor Total views (0)  
Preprocessor is one of the special features in C. It helps to include many information to the compiler as incorporated in the main program. In other words, it provides definitions, informations and instructions to the main program. The preprocessor, as the name implies, processes the main program before it passes through the compiler. It is a program that contains a set of directives, which ar ......
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Chapter 10 * Structure and Unions Total views (0)  
C language provides different ways to create custom data types. Arrays are one such ways to represent a group of items that belong to the same data type, such as int or float, etc. The limitation of the array is that it cannot be used to represent a collection of different data types under a single name. Under such situations, C supports a data type called “Structures” Another, related con ......
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Chapter 11 * Files Total views (0)  
The study of any language will be completed only after knowing about the file handling capability of the language. If we want to process small volume of data then the methods we have seen so far will be enough. A significant drawback of the earlier methods is that once the program is over the data may no longer be alive. But we may want to store the information for a quite long time. So, to o ......
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Chapter 12 * Graphics Total views (0)  
In this section, we are focusing our attention towards the fascinating topic and we will discuss some of the features of Turbo C graphics, which makes our program, a more pleasing one.
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