Title      : Mechanical Engineering - Operation Research
Subject      : Operation Research
copyright © 2020   : Dr Manjunath S
Author      : Dr Manjunath S
Chapters/Pages      : 5/200
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Module 1 Total views (2)  
Introduction: Evolution of OR, Definitions of OR, Scope of OR, Applications of OR, Phases in OR study. Characteristics and limitations of OR, models used in OR, Linear Programming Problem (LPP), Generalized LPP- Formulation of problems as L.P.P. SolutionstoLPP by graphical method(Two Variables). 0
Pages: 26
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Module 2 Total views (0)  
LPP: Simplex method, Canonical and Standard form of LP problem, slack, surplus and artificial variables, Solutions to LPP by Simplex method, Big-M Method and Two Phase Simplex Method, Degeneracy in LPP. Concept of Duality, writing Dual of given LPP. Solutions to L.P.P by Dual Simplex Method.
Pages: 48
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Module 3 Total views (0)  
Transportation Problem: Formulation of transportation problem, types, initial basic feasible solution using North-West Corner rule, Vogel’s Approximation method. Optimality in Transportation problem by Modified Distribution(MODI) method. Unbalanced T.P. Maximization T.P. Degeneracy in transportation problems, application of transportation problem. Assignment Problem-Formulation, Solutions to ......
Pages: 62
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Module 4 Total views (0)  
Network analysis: Introduction, Construction of networks, Fulkerson’s rule for numbering the nodes, AON and AOA diagrams; Critical path method to find the expected completion time of a project, determination of floats in networks, PERT networks, determining the probability of completing a project, predicting the completion time of project; Cost analysis in networks. Crashingofnetworks- Problem ......
Pages: 40
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Module 5 Total views (0)  
Game Theory: Definition, Pure Strategy problems, Saddle point, Max-Min and Min-Max criteria, Principle of Dominance, Solution of games with Saddle point. Mixed Strategy problems. Solution of 2X2 games by Arithmetic method, Solution of 2Xn m and mX2 games by graphical method. Formulationof games. Sequencing: Basic assumptions, Johnson’s algorithm, sequencing ‘n’ jobs on single machine us ......
Pages: 24
Price: Rs 1.2