Title      : Service Marketing
Subject      : Management
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Author      : Arundathi KL
Publisher      : Acharya Institute of Technology AIT Library
Chapters/Pages      : 2/42
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Employees Role In Service Delivery Total views (0)  
Importance of service employee, Boundary spanning roles, Emotional labour, Source of conflict, Quality- productivity trade off, Reasons for closing GAP 3
Pages: 12
Price: Rs 3   
Service-Marketing-Unit-3-17MBAMM303 Total views (0)  
Customer defined service standards: Hard & Soft standards, challenges of matching supply & demand in capacity, four common types of constraints facing services, optimum v/s maximum use of capacity, strategies for matching capacity & demand. Yield management-balancing capacity utilization, pricing. Waiting line strategies- four basic Waiting line strategies. Leadership & Measurement system for mar ......
Pages: 30
Price: Rs 7.5