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Title      : Computer Graphics & Visualization
Subject      : Computer Science
copyright © 2018   : Sukruth Gowda M A
Author      : Sukruth Gowda M A
Publisher      : Sai Vidya Institute of Technology
Chapters/Pages      : 6/339
Total Price      : Rs.      : 138
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Overview: Computer Graphics and OpenGL Total views (0)  
Computer graphics is an art of drawing pictures, lines, charts, etc. using computers with the help of programming. Computer graphics image is made up of number of pixels. Pixel is the smallest addressable graphical unit represented on the computer screen
Pages: 65
Price: Rs 0   
Fill Area Primitives Total views (0)  
An useful construct for describing components of a picture is an area that is filled with some solid color or pattern. A picture component of this type is typically referred to as a fill area or a filled area.
Pages: 66
Price: Rs 33   
Clipping Total views (0)  
We can design our own clipping window with any shape, size, and orientation we choose. But clipping a scene using a concave polygon or a clipping window with nonlinear boundaries requires more processing than clipping against a rectangle.
Pages: 50
Price: Rs 25   
3D Viewing and Visible Surface Detection Total views (0)  
When we model a three-dimensional scene, each object in the scene is typically defined with a set of surfaces that form a closed boundary around the object interior. In addition to procedures that generate views of the surface features of an object, graphics packages sometimes provide routines for displaying internal components or crosssectional views of a solid object.
Pages: 43
Price: Rs 21.5   
In the field of computer graphics, interaction refers to the manner in which the application program communicates with input and output devices of the system.
Pages: 76
Price: Rs 38   
Solved Question Paper Problems Total views (0)  
Solved Question Paper Problems
Pages: 39
Price: Rs 19.5   

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