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Title      : Data Communication
Subject      : Computer Science
copyright © 2018   : Abhijith H V
Author      : Abhijith H V
Publisher      : Sai Vidya Institute of Technology
Chapters/Pages      : 6/283
Total Price      : Rs.      : 110
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Introduction, Physical Layer Total views (3)  
Data communications are the exchange of data between two devices via some form of transmission medium such as a wire cable.
Pages: 65
Price: Rs 0   
Physical Layer-2 Total views (0)  
The most common technique to change an analog signal to digital data (digitization) is called pulse code modulation (PCM).
Pages: 41
Price: Rs 20.5   
Data Link Layer Total views (0)  
Data can be corrupted during transmission. Some applications require that errors be detected and corrected.
Pages: 46
Price: Rs 23   
MAC, Ethernet, WLAN Total views (0)  
The upper sub layer that is responsible for flow and error control is called the logical link control (LLC) layer. The lower sub layer that is mostly responsible for multiple access resolution is called the Media Access Control (MAC) layer.
Pages: 58
Price: Rs 29   
Network Layer Total views (0)  
An IPv4 address is a 32-bit address that uniquely and universally defines the connection of a device (for example, a computer or a router) to the Internet.
Pages: 33
Price: Rs 16.5   
Solved Question Paper Total views (0)  
Solved Question Paper
Pages: 40
Price: Rs 20   

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