Title      : Electronic Devices and Circuits
Subject      : Electronics and Communication Engineering
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Author      : Ramesh Babu P
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This book contains seven chapters. The first chapter concentrates on the fundamentals of electron ballistics and cathode ray oscilloscope. The second chapter presents an overview of semiconductor fundamentals and pn junction diode theory. The applications of diode in rectifiers and power supplies are discussed elaborately in third chapter. In fourth chapter fundamentals of Bipolar Junction Transis ......
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Chapter 1 * Electron Dynamics and CRO Total views (3)  
The study of behaviour of an electron under electric and magnetic field is known as electron ballistics. In this chapter we will study the behaviour of an electron under the influence of the above fields. We also study the application of the above concepts in the working of Cathode Ray Tube (CRT).
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Chapter 2 * Semiconductor Diodes Total views (1)  

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Chapter 3 * Diode Applications Total views (0)  
The p-n junction diode conducts when it is forward biased and does not conduct when it is reverse biased. This unilateral conduction characteristics of diode can be used in rectification and other applications. In this chapter we focus out attention on the applications of diode.
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Chapter 4 * Transistor and FET Characteristics Total views (0)  
In previous chapter we studied about diodes and their applications. In this chapter we will study about a two types of transistors namely Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT) and Field Effect Transistor (FET). In BJT the current through the transistor is due to both majority and minority carriers, whereas in FET the current through the transistor is due to majority carriers only. The BJTs are of ......
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Chapter 5 * Biasing and Stabilization Total views (0)  
The process of converting a weak signal into a strong signal is called amplification. The basic function of a transistor is to amplify weak signals that present at its input. One important requirement during amplification is that the amplified signal should be faithful reproduction of the input signal. That is after amplification the shape of the output signal must be same as input with increa ......
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Chapter 6 * Amplifiers Total views (0)  

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