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    Subject      : Civil Enginnering
    copyright © 2018   : Nayana Manohari T K
    Author      : Nayana Manohari T K
    Publisher      : Sai Vidya Institute of Technology
    Chapters/Pages      : 6/137
    Total Price      : Rs.      : 54
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    Structure of a Hydrated Cement Paste Total views (0)  
    Hydrated cement paste is composed of capillary pores and the hydration product. Gel pores are included within the structure of hydrated cement.
    Pages: 30
    Price: Rs 0   
    CHEMICAL and MINERAL ADMIXTURE Total views (0)  
    Admixtures are artificial or natural materials added to the concrete besides cement, water and aggregate to improve certain property of concrete during casting or setting or service stage.
    Pages: 36
    Price: Rs 18   
    CONCRETE MIX DESIGN Total views (5)  
    The process of selecting suitable ingredients of concrete and determining their relative amounts with the objective of producing a concrete of the required, strength, durability, and workability as economically as possible, is termed the concrete mix design.
    Pages: 4
    Price: Rs 2   
    Ready-Mix Concrete Total views (0)  
    Ready-mix concrete is concrete that is manufactured in a batch plant, according to a set engineered mix design. Ready-mix concrete is normally delivered in two ways.
    Pages: 21
    Price: Rs 10.5   
    Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Total views (0)  
    Fiber-reinforced concrete is concrete containing fibrous material which increases its structural integrity. It contains short discrete fibers that are uniformly distributed and randomly oriented.
    Pages: 30
    Price: Rs 15   
    Light Weight Concrete Total views (0)  
    Lightweight concrete mixture is made with a lightweight coarse aggregate and sometimes a portion or entire fine aggregates may be lightweight instead of normal aggregates.
    Pages: 16
    Price: Rs 8   

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