Role of Corporate Culture in Business
SUBJECT : Business Ethics and Values
AUTHOR : Lakshmi Priya S and K T Vindhya
PUBLISHED ON : 02/04/18
NUMBER OF PAGES : ( 8 Pages)
PRICE : Rs 5.2

Culture is made up of the values, beliefs, underlying assumptions, attitudes, and behaviors shared by a group of people. Culture is the behavior that results when a group arrives at a set of generally unspoken and unwritten rules for working together. An organization culture is made up of all the life experiences each employee brings to the organization. Culture is especially influenced by the organizationís founder, executives, and other managerial staff because of their role in decision making and strategic direction. Richard Bowett introduces the concept of corporate culture. Businesses are not separate entities, but collections of people. All collections of people produce certain common and important patterns of behavior. So the topic of corporate culture is really about people and the way they behave when in groups together.

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