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Title      : Object Oriented Concepts
Subject      : Object Oriented Concepts
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Author      : Padma Reddy A.M
Publisher      : Saividya Institute of technology
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Introduction to C++ Total views (55)  
We know that array is collection of same type of data. But, in real world we often encounter a situation where we need to have collection of data of different types. In such situations, we use structures in C. Now, we shall see What is a structure? Definition: A structure is defined as a collection of data of same/different data types. All data items thus grouped are logically related and can be ......
Pages: 33
Price: Rs 6.6   
Classes and Objects Total views (14)  
By default, the members of a class are private. The private members can also be declared explicitly using the keyword private. The data members and member functions defined using access specifier private, cannot be accessed by any other functions except the member functions of that class. That is, if a member of a class is private, we cannot access it outside the class. But, the member fun ......
Pages: 34
Price: Rs 6.8