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Title      : Computer Techniques in Power System Analysis
Subject      : Electrical
copyright © 2018   : svit
Author      : svit
Publisher      : Sai Vidya Institute of Technology
Chapters/Pages      : 5/141
Total Price      : Rs.      : 64
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NETWORK TOPOLOGY Total views (0)  
The geometrical interconnection of the various branches of a network is called the topology of the network.
Pages: 15
Price: Rs 0   
NETWORK MATRICES Total views (0)  
The bus admittance matrix, YBUS plays a very important role in computer aided power system analysis.
Pages: 32
Price: Rs 16   
LOAD FLOW STUDIES Total views (0)  
The numerical analysis involving the solution of algebraic simultaneous equations forms the basis for solution of the performance equations in computer aided electrical power system analyses, such as during linear graph analysis, load flow analysis (nonlinear equations), transient stability studies (differential equations), etc.
Pages: 34
Price: Rs 17   
One of the earliest applications of on-line centralized control was to provide a central facility, to operate economically, several generating plants supplying the loads of the system.
Pages: 25
Price: Rs 12.5   
Transient stability depends on both the initial operating point and the disturbance parameters like location, type, magnitude etc. Instability is normally in the form of a periodic angular separation.
Pages: 35
Price: Rs 17.5   

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