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Title      : Business Law
Subject      : Management
copyright © 2018   : Bhagyashree G Kasturi
Author      : Bhagyashree G Kasturi
Publisher      : Acharya Institute of Technology AIT Library
Chapters/Pages      : 2/20
Total Price      : Rs.      : 40
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Indian Contract Act,1872 Total views (0)  
meaning of contract, agreement, essential elements of a valid contract. Law of agency-meaning, creation and termination of agency. Bailment and Pledge-meaning rights and duties of bailor and bailee.
Pages: 13
Price: Rs   
Indian Partnership act,1932 Total views (0)  
Indian Partnership Act 1932 - THE NATURE OF PARTNERSHIP- Introduction of a partner, Admission of the partner -Retirement of a partner- Expulsion of a partner - Insolvency a partner - Liability of estate of deceased partner
Pages: 7
Price: Rs 0   

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