Title      : Power System Analysis -1
Subject      : Electrical
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Author      : svit
Publisher      : Sai Vidya Institute of Technology
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Representation of Power System Components Total views (0)  
The basic components of a power system are generators, transformers, transmission lines, and loads. The interconnections among these components in the power system may be shown in a so-called one-line diagram. ... Such a representation is called an impedance diagram, or a reactance diagram if resistances are neglected.
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Symmetrical Three Phase Faults Total views (0)  
In such types of faults, all the phases are short-circuited to each other and often to earth. Such fault is balanced in the sense that the systems remain symmetrical, or we can say the lines displaced by an equal angle (i.e. 120 in three phase line).
Pages: 51
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Unsymmetrical Faults Total views (0)  
Unsymmetrical faults are the faults which leads unequal currents with unequal phase shifts in a three phase system. The unsymmetrical fault occurs in a system due to presence of an open circuit or short circuit of transmission or distribution line.
Pages: 42
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