Title      : Linear Algebra and Partial Differential Equations
Subject      : Mathematics
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Author      : Anuradha P
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This book on Linear Algebra and Partial Differential Equations covers the syllabus for the 3rd Semester course of B.E Electronics and Communication Engineering branch offered by various universities and autonomous colleges. It covers the following topics Vector Spaces, Linear Transformation and Diagonalization, Inner Product Spaces, Partial Differential Equations and Fourier Series Solutions of Pa ......
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Chapter 1 * Vector Spaces Total views (0)  
Vector spaces – Subspaces – Linear combinations and linear system of equations – Linear independence and linear dependence – Bases and dimensions.
Pages: 104
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Chapter 2 * Linear Transformation and Diagonalization Total views (0)  
Linear transformation - Null spaces and ranges - Dimension theorem - Matrix representation of a linear transformations - Eigenvalues and eigenvectors - Diagonalizability.
Pages: 86
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Chapter 3 * Inner Product Spaces Total views (0)  
Inner product, norms - Gram Schmidt orthogonalization process - Adjoint of linear operations - Least square approximation.
Pages: 68
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Chapter 4 * Partial Differential Equations Total views (0)  
Formation – Solutions of first order equations – Standard types and equations reducible to standard types – Singular solutions – Lagrange‘s linear equation – Integral surface passing through a given curve – Classification of partial differential equations - Solution of linear equations of higher order with constant coefficients – Linear non-homogeneous partial differential equation ......
Pages: 122
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Chapter 5 * Fourier Series Solutions of Partial Differential Equations Total views (0)  
Dirichlet‘s conditions – General Fourier series – Half range sine and cosine series - Method of separation of variables – Solutions of one dimensional wave equation and one-dimensional heat equation – Steady state solution of two-dimensional heat equation – Fourier series solutions in Cartesian coordinates.
Pages: 182
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