Title      : Windows Programming using Visual C++ & Allied Languages (Theory & Practice)
Subject      : Computer/Information Science
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Author      : Anupam Das and Anirban Das
Publisher      : Scitech Publications (India) Pvt Ltd
Chapters/Pages      : 14/262
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The book of Windows Programming is intended to wide ranging tool for the students, research scholars, professors, researchers of Computer Science who are willing to do their programs in Windows environment. Starting from the introductory chapters to development of programs using MFCs, it discusses each and every aspect of programming in a gradual sense. Firstly it discusses the concepts and termin ......
Pages: 18
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Chapter 1 * Introduction to Visual C++ Total views (1)  
We have given a glimpse on Microsoft Visual C++ (referred to as VC++) as an environment to develop software that lets programmers to write, compile, link, execute, test, and debug C++ source programs. Subsequently the installation process of Visual C++ is discussed elaborately. The first program is designed in Visual C++ environment and the compilation, build and execution of the program are done. ......
Pages: 34
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Chapter 2 * Working with Windows Total views (1)  
In this chapter we have shown Windows environment a graphical user interface i.e. GUI which shields the user from Windows’s internal workings. The compilation process of a Windows program is finally shown.
Pages: 12
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Chapter 3 * Windows Concepts and Terminology Total views (0)  
This chapter outlines the programming in Windows the Object oriented programming approach that is followed where the window is the main object. In doing programs in windows the usage of event driven programming is almost in all cases. In addition, Windows messages like Mouse messages, Character messages, and Keystroke messages are discussed.
Pages: 12
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Chapter 4 * API DLL Total views (1)  
The usage of API is discussed. Along with the building of user defined DLLs and using the created DLLs in newer applications are shown. In addition to that usage of existing DLLs are done.
Pages: 8
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Chapter 5 * Windows Programming Experience Total views (0)  
The first programming experiences in Windows using Visual C++ are focused in this chapter. The header file windows.h is discussed in detailed manner. The entry point of any windows program, WinMain() function, is explained with parameters. To create a window and also to display it, there are several stages to be followed: establishment of window class, registering of the window class, creation of ......
Pages: 28
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Chapter 6 * Handling Text and Graphics in Windows Total views (0)  
This chapter is dedicated to show the text as well as graphical output of a windows program. In Windows it’s not an issue at all to display different characters in screen at any form or shape or size or color. While designing Windows, the key objective was to offer the device independence which refers to the same program that should able to be executed with the different devices using Windows sc ......
Pages: 30
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Chapter 7 * Windows Controls: Child Window Controls Total views (0)  
Windows Controls such as Static Control, Button, List Boxes, Combo boxes, Scroll bars and Edit Windows controls are created programmatically and explained the avenues to create the controls.
Pages: 38
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Chapter 8 * Handling Mouse in Windows Total views (0)  
In this chapter handling of mouse is discussed. Different types of mouse messages are explained such as Client Area Messages, Non Client Area Messages, WM_MOUSEMOVE messages, Mouse Button Messages. Apart from that implementation of mouse in Windows are discussed.
Pages: 14
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Chapter 9 * Dialog Box Total views (0)  
Different types of dialog boxes are discussed. Programmatic implementations of dialog boxes are explained in details.
Pages: 10
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Chapter 10 * Programming Menus Total views (0)  
Creation of menu through Windows program is demonstrated. The steps such as creation of header file, creation of a module definition file, creation of a resource script file and creation of main VC++ program are discussed.
Pages: 24
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Chapter 11 * Clipboard Total views (0)  
Functioning of a Clipboard, standard Clipboard formats, basic functions of Clipboard, general procedure of usage of Clipboard functions are discussed. Implementation program in functioning Clipboard is demonstrated as well.
Pages: 14
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Chapter 12 * MFC Programming Total views (0)  
MFC Class Library, its hierarchy and its usage are enlightened. In parallel, some programs using MFC are designed.
Pages: 16
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