Title      : Chemistry [Engineering/Applied]
Subject      : Chemistry
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Author      : Srinivas B.N, Kishore P and Subba Rao K
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CHEMISTRY [Engineering/APPLIED] text book has been prepared exactly as per the latest syllabus (R16 Regulation) prescribed for the students of first year B.Tech, of various universities and autonomous colleges. In this book, various topics are precisely explained, giving examples and figures wherever necessary. This book is aimed at imparting the required knowledge for understanding the importance ......
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Chapter 1 * High Polymers and Plastics Total views (0)  
Polymerisation: Introduction – Mechanism of polymerization – Stereo regular polymers – methods of polymerization (emulsion and suspension) – Physical and mechanical properties – Plastics as engineering materials: advantages and limitations – Thermo plastics and Thermosetting plastics – Compounding and fabrication (4/5 techniques)- Preparation, properties and applications of polyethen ......
Pages: 52
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Chapter 2 * Fuel Technology Total views (0)  
Fuels:- Introduction – Classification – Calorific value - HCV and LCV – Dulong’s formula – Bomb calorimeter – Numerical problems – Coal – Proximate and ultimate analysis – Significance of the analyses – Liquid fuels – Petroleum- Refining – Cracking – Synthetic petrol –Petrol knocking – Diesel knocking - Octane and Cetane ratings – Anti-knock agents – Power alcohol ......
Pages: 50
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Chapter 3 * Electrochemical Cells and Corrosion Total views (0)  
Galvanic cells - Reversible and irreversible cells – Single electrode potential – Electro chemical series and uses of this series- Standard electrodes (Hydrogen and Calomel electrodes) - Concentration Cells – Batteries: Dry Cell - Ni-Cd cells - Ni-Metal hydride cells - Li cells - Zinc – air cells. Corrosion:- Definition – Theories of Corrosion (electrochemical) – Formation of galvanic ......
Pages: 54
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Chapter 4 * Chemistry of Advanced Materials Total views (0)  
Nano materials:- Introduction – Sol-gel method & chemical reduction method of preparation – Characterization by BET method and TEM methods - Carbon nano tubes and fullerenes: Types, preparation, properties and applications Liquid crystals:- Introduction – Types – Applications Superconductors:- Type-I & Type-2, properties &applications Green synthesis:- Principles - 3or 4 methods of synthe ......
Pages: 32
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Chapter 5 * Water Technology Total views (0)  
Hard water:- Reasons for hardness – units of hardness – determination of hardness and alkalinity – Water for steam generation – Boiler troubles – Priming and Foaming, Scale formation, Boiler corrosion, Caustic embrittlement – Internal treatments – Softening of Hard water: Lime – Soda process, Zeolite process and numerical problems based on these processes and Ion Exchange process ......
Pages: 40
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Chapter 6 * Chemistry of Engineering Materials and Fuel Cells Total views (0)  
Refractories:- Definition, characteristics, classification, properties, failure of refractories Lubricants:- Definition, function, Theory and mechanism of lubricants, properties (Definition and importance) Cement:- Constituents, manufacturing, hardening and setting, deterioration of cement Insulators:- Thermal and electrical insulators Fuel cells:- Hydrogen Oxygen fuel cells – Methanol Oxygen ......
Pages: 28
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Chapter 7 * Solid State Chemistry Total views (0)  
Types of solids - close packing of atoms and ions - BCC, FCC, structures of rock salt - cesium chloride- spinel - normal and inverse spinels, Non-elemental semiconducting Materials:- Stoichiometric, controlled valency & Chalcogen photo/semiconductors, Preparation of Semiconductors - Semiconductor Devices:- p-n junction diode as rectifier – junction transistor. Insulators (electrical and electr ......
Pages: 34
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Chapter 8 * Non Conventional Energy Sources and Storage Devies Total views (0)  
Solar Energy:- Introduction, application of solar energy, conversion of solar energy (Thermal conversion & photo conversion) – photo voltaic cell: design, working and its importance Non-conventional energy sources: (i) Hydropower include setup a hydropower plant (schematic diagram), (ii) Geothermal energy: Introduction-schematic diagram of a geothermal power plant, (iii) Tidal and wave power: In ......
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