Title      : Embedded and Real Times Systems
Subject      : Electronics and Communication
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Author      : Kanthavel R and Dhaya R
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This book is made to cater specially to the need for students of Electronics and Communication Engineering Department. The materials inside the book written are simple to understand for the readers not only in terms of covering the syllabus, but also for the better reference that leads to create ideas in doing real time projects. First Unit of this book discusses the introduction of Embedded Compu ......
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Chapter 1 * Introduction to Embedded Computing and ARM Processors Total views (0)  
Complex systems and micro processors– Embedded system design process –Design example: Model train controller- Design methodologies- Design flows - Requirement Analysis – Specifications-System analysis and architecture design – Quality Assurance techniques - Designing with computing platforms – consumer electronics architecture – platform-level performance analysis. ARM Architecture Ve ......
Pages: 106
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Chapter 2 * Embedded Computing Platform Total views (0)  
Components for embedded programs- Models of programs- Assembly, linking and loading – compilation techniques- Program level performance analysis – Software performance optimization – Program level energy and power analysis and optimization – Analysis and optimization of program size- Program validation and testing.
Pages: 166
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Chapter 3 * Processes and Operating Systems Total views (0)  
Introduction – Multiple tasks and multiple processes – Multirate systems- Preemptive real-time operating systems- Priority based scheduling- Interprocess communication mechanisms – Evaluating operating system performance- power optimization strategies for processes – Example Real time operating systems-POSIX-Windows CE. - Distributed embedded systems – MPSoCs and shared memory multiproce ......
Pages: 116
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Chapter 4 * System Design Techniques and Networks Total views (0)  
Structure of a Real Time System –– Estimating program run times – Task Assignment and Scheduling – Fault Tolerance Techniques – Reliability, Evaluation – Clock Synchronisation.
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Chapter 5 * Case Study Total views (0)  

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