Title      : Electrical Drives and Controls
Subject      : Electrical
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Author      : Jagadeesh Babu V
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The chapters covered in this book are Divided into Five Units. Unit -1 describes about the Basics of Electrical Drive System. Unit -2 gives basic idea about the Mechanical Characteristics and Braking Techniques. Unit - 3 concerns about various types of Starters Employed for Starting of a Electrical Drive. Unit - 4 & Unit - 5 deals with Conventional and Solid State Speed Control Techniques for D.C ......
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Chapter 1 * Introduction to Electrical Drives Total views (0)  
Basic Elements – Types of Electric Drives – factors influencing the choice of electrical drives – heating and cooling curves – Loading conditions and classes of duty – Selection of power rating for drive motors with regard to thermal overloading and Load variation factors.
Pages: 44
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Chapter 2 * Drive Motor Characteristics Total views (0)  
Mechanical characteristics – Speed-Torque characteristics of various types of load and drive motors – Braking of Electrical motors – DC motors: Shunt, series and compound - single phase and three phase induction motors.
Pages: 56
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Chapter 3 * Starting Methods Total views (0)  
Types of D.C Motor starters – Typical control circuits for shunt and series motors – Three phase squirrel cage and slip ring induction motors.
Pages: 42
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Chapter 4 * Conventional and Solid State Speed Control of DC Drives Total views (0)  
Speed control of DC series and shunt motors – Armature and field control, Ward-Leonard control system - Using controlled rectifiers and DC choppers –applications.
Pages: 46
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Chapter 5 * Conventional and Solid State Speed Control of AC Drives Total views (0)  
Speed control of three phase induction motor – Voltage control, voltage / frequency control, slip power recovery scheme – Using inverters and AC voltage regulators – applications.
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