Title      : Cognitive Radio
Subject      : Electronics and Communication
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Author      : Kannan P, Shibu S and Jeyachitra M
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Cognitive Radio is proposed mainly to improve the spectrum utilization effectiveness, which makes advancement in the wireless networks. The book is conceived with the basic information and comprehensive idea on Software Defined Radio and Cognitive Radio. All the concepts discussed in this book are used to learn the design of wireless networks based on cognitive radios. We have divided this book in ......
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Chapter 1 * Introduction to Software Defined Radio Total views (0)  
Chapter 1 deals with the basic concepts of Software Defined Radio. It also includes the discussion about the architecture evolution and technology tradeoffs of Software Defined Radio.
Pages: 46
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Chapter 2 * SDR Architecture Total views (0)  
Chapter 2 provides the details about the hardware and software architecture of Software Defined Radio. It also explains the computational processing resources, interfaces between top level components and topologies among plug and play modules.
Pages: 38
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Chapter 3 * Introduction to Cognitive Radios Total views (0)  
Chapter 3 presents the introduction about Cognitive Radio. It also covers position, location and environment awareness, radio resource optimization and artificial intelligence techniques.
Pages: 56
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Chapter 4 * Cognitive Radio Architecture Total views (0)  
Chapter 4 deals with the architecture of Cognitive Radio. It also includes cognition cycle, inference hierarchy, architecture maps and building the cognitive radio architecture on software defined radio architecture.
Pages: 50
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Chapter 5 * Next Generation Wireless Networks Total views (0)  
Chapter 5 provides the discussion about the next generation wireless networks. It also covers the main functions of next generation wireless networks, upper layer issues and cross layer design.
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