Title      : Wireless Communication
Subject      : Electronics and Communication
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Author      : Kathirvelu M, Chandra Prasad V and Finney Daniel Shadrach
Publisher      : Scitech Publications (India) Pvt Ltd
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This book uses simple English and provides a step by step explanation of various complicated concepts. The content in this book are well structured and strictly satisfies the syllabus of all major universities and autonomous colleges regulation for ECE and IT department. Each chapter in this book is supported by solved example problems, short answers and previous university question papers which w ......
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Chapter 1 * Wireless Channels Total views (0)  
Large scale path loss - Path loss models: Free Space and Two-Ray models - Link Budget design - Small scale fading - Parameters of mobile multipath channels - Time dispersion parameters - Coherence bandwidth – Doppler spread & Coherence time, Fading due to Multipath time delay spread - flat fading - frequency selective fading - Fading due to Doppler spread - fast fading - slow fading.
Pages: 44
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Chapter 2 * Cellular Architecture Total views (0)  
Multiple Access techniques - FDMA, TDMA, CDMA – Capacity calculations–Cellular concept- Frequency reuse - channel assignment- hand off- interference & system capacity- trunking & grade of service – Coverage and capacity improvement.
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Chapter 3 * Digital Signalling for Fading Channels Total views (0)  
Structure of a wireless communication link, Principles of Offset-QPSK, p/4-DQPSK, Minimum Shift Keying, Gaussian Minimum Shift Keying, Error performance in fading channels, OFDM principle – Cyclic prefix, Windowing, PAPR.
Pages: 56
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Chapter 4 * Multipath Mitigation Techniques Total views (0)  
Equalisation – Adaptive equalization, Linear and Non-Linear equalization, Zero forcing and LMS Algorithms. Diversity – Micro and Macro diversity, Diversity combining techniques, Error probability in fading channels with diversity reception, Rake receiver.
Pages: 40
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Chapter 5 * Multiple Antenna Techniques Total views (0)  
MIMO systems – spatial multiplexing -System model -Pre-coding - Beam forming - transmitter diversity, receiver diversity- Channel state information-capacity in fading and non-fading channels.
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