Title      : Communication Engineering
Subject      : Electrical
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Author      : Chitra, Saranya and Kalaiarasi
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World has come very close due to rapid advancements in communication technologies. High speed computers and microprocessors, broadband communication channels, satellites,fiber optic cables have made communication very effective in wide range of applications. This book mainly describes basic principles of Communication Engineering.
Pages: 18
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Chapter 1 * Analog Communication Total views (0)  
First chapter presents basic aspects of communication. It also presents amplitude modulation and angle modulation. AM and FM transmitters and receivers are also given in detail.
Pages: 106
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Chapter 2 * Digital Communication Total views (0)  
Second chapter is based on pulse modulation and waveform coding techniques. It presents sampling of signals, sampling theorem and various types of pulse modulation methods. This chapter also presents Waveform coding techniques such as PCM, DM, ADM, DPCM and Digital modulation techniques such as ASKS, FSK, PSK, QPSK, and QAM.
Pages: 74
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Chapter 3 * Source Codes, Line Codes and Error Control Total views (0)  
Third chapter presents types of source code such as Huffman and Shannon Fano codes, different types of line codes such as unipolar and polar, and various error control codes in detail.
Pages: 116
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Chapter 4 * Multiple Access Techniques Total views (0)  
Fourth chapter presents Spread Spectrum and Multiple Access Techniques such as FDMA, TDMA, CDMA and SDMA.
Pages: 42
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Chapter 5 * Satellite, Optical Fiber - Power Line, SCADA Total views (0)  
Fifth chapter describes fundamental concepts of satellite communication such as various orbits, earth-station subsystem and transponder subsystem. This chapter also deals with types, sources, detectors and applications of fiber optic communication.
Pages: 94
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