Title      : Grid and Cloud Computing
Subject      : Computer/Information Science
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Author      : Chitra D and Kaliappan A
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In Recent years, Parallel Processing, Distributed Computing, Grid and Cloud Computing have emerged as a well developed field in Computer Science and Information Technology. Almost all universities and colleges are now offering paradigm courses in the field of Grid and Cloud Computing. However, the faculty members and students are still in search of a broad textbook that integrates computing theori ......
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Chapter 1 * Introduction Total views (1)  
Chapter 1: Provides an overview of what distributed systems are and their features. It also discusses about Technologies for network based system, cloud computing basics, grid computing infrastructures, service oriented architecture and overview of grid architecture.
Pages: 44
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Chapter 2 * Grid Services Total views (0)  
Chapter 2: Focuses on key aspects of the OGSA, functionality requirements, practical & detailed view of OGSA/OGSI and data intensive grid service models. It also covers various services offered by OGSA.
Pages: 32
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Chapter 3 * Virtualization Total views (0)  
Chapter 3: Gives the idea behind Cloud deployment models and categories of cloud computing. Topics related to implementation levels of virtualization, virtualization of CPU, Memory and I/O devices, virtual clusters and resource management are discussed elaborately. Pros and cons of cloud computing are also discussed.
Pages: 58
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Chapter 4 * Programming Model Total views (0)  
Chapter 4: Provides comprehensive information about Globus Toolkit (GT4) Architecture, Hadoop Framework, Map Reduce Functions, HDFS concepts, command line and JAVA interface.
Pages: 54
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Chapter 5: Emphasizes about the Trust models for Grid security environment, Authentication and Authorization methods, IAM practices in the cloud and key privacy issues in the cloud.
Pages: 34
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