Title      : Digital Image Processing
Subject      : Electronics and Communication
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Author      : Rajakumar S and Deepa S
Publisher      : Scitech Publications (India) Pvt Ltd
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Pages: 14
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Chapter 1 * Digital Image Fundamentals Total views (1)  
Chapter 1 provides a brief insight into digital images processing, its origin and applications, digital image acquisition techniques and devices. Elements of visual perception, Image sampling and quantization techniques and a brief introduction to color models are presented.
Pages: 74
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Chapter 2 * Image Enhancement Total views (1)  
Chapter 2 presents various Image Enhancement techniques in spatial domain and frequency domain image enhancement techniques.
Pages: 58
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Chapter 3 * Image Restoration and Segmentation Total views (0)  
Chapter 3 deals with noise model and various image restoration techniques in a comprehensive manner with suitable examples. The second half of chapter 3 is dedicated to present image segmentation techniques along with Dilation and Erosion concepts.
Pages: 58
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Chapter 4 * Wavelets and Image Compression Total views (0)  
Chapter 4 deals with Multi-resolution processing along with wavelets, image compression techniques and standards.
Pages: 62
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Chapter 5 * Image Representation and Recognition Total views (0)  
Chapter 5 presents image representation and description algorithms which are of the basis for various recognition applications.
Pages: 40
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