Title      : Protection and Switchgear
Subject      : Electrical
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Author      : Raghuraman S
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Protective relays, circuit breakers and switchgear are items of an equipment with which every power engineer has to deal with in the course of his / her professional career. This book will be very useful to students preparing for professional examinations as well as to practising engineers engaged in systems protection work. The purpose of this book is to meet the requirement of students who are u ......
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Chapter 1 * Introduction Total views (0)  
Principles and need for protective schemes – nature and causes of faults – types of faults – Methods of Grounding - Zones of protection and essential qualities of protection – Protection scheme.
Pages: 44
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Chapter 2 * Operating Principles and Relay Constructions Total views (0)  
Operating principles of relays - the Universal relay – Torque equation – R-X diagram – Electromagnetic Relays – Over current, Directional, Distance, Differential, Negative sequence and Under frequency relays.
Pages: 62
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Chapter 3 * Apparatus Protection Total views (0)  
Current transformers and Potential transformers and their applications in protection schemes - Protection of transformer, generator, motor, bus bars and transmission line.
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Chapter 4 * Static Relays and Numerical Protection Total views (0)  
Static relays – Phase, Amplitude Comparators – Synthesis of various relays using Static comparators – Block diagram of Numerical relays – Over current protection, transformer differential protection, distant protection of transmission lines.
Pages: 32
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Chapter 5 * Circuit Breakers Total views (0)  
Physics of arcing phenomenon and arc interruption - DC and AC circuit breaking – re-striking voltage and recovery voltage - rate of rise of recovery voltage - resistance switching – current chopping - interruption of capacitive current - Types of circuit breakers – air blast, air break, oil, SF6, MCBs, MCCBs and vacuum circuit breakers – comparison of different circuit breakers – Rating ......
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