Title      : Automobile Engineering
Subject      : Automobile Engineering
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Author      : AVINASHA P S
Publisher      : Cambridge Institute of Technology North Campus
Chapters/Pages      : 6/168
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Module 01 Total views (3)  
ENGINE COMPONENTS AND IT’S PRINCIPLE PARTS: Spark Ignition (SI) & Compression Ignition (CI) engines, cylinder – arrangements and their relatives merits, Liners, Piston, connecting rod, crankshaft, valves, valve actuating mechanisms, valve and port timing diagrams, Types of combustion chambers for S.I.Engine and C.I.Engines, methods of a Swirl generation, choice of materials for different eng ......
Pages: 34
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Module 02 Total views (1)  
TRANSMISSION SYSTEMS: Clutch-types and construction, gear boxes- manual and automatic, gear shift mechanisms, over drive, transfer box, fluid flywheel, torque converter, propeller shaft, slip joints, universal joints,Differential and rear axle, Hotchkiss Drive and Torque Tube Drive. BRAKES: Types of brakes, mechanical compressed air, vacuum and hydraulic braking systems, construction and working ......
Pages: 56
Price: Rs 28   
Module 03 (PART 01) Total views (0)  
STEERING AND SUSPENSION SYSTEMS: Steering geometry and types of steering gear box-Power Steering, Types of Front Axle, Suspension, Torsion bar suspension systems, leaf spring, coil spring, independent suspension for front wheel and rear wheel, Air suspension system.
Pages: 22
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Module 03 (PART 02) Total views (0)  
IGNITION SYSTEM: Battery Ignition system, Magneto Ignition system, electronic Ignition system.
Pages: 10
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Module 04 Total views (0)  
SUPERCHARGERS AND TURBOCHARGERS: Naturally aspirated engines, Forced Induction, Types of superchargers, Turbocharger construction and operation, Intercooler, Turbocharger lag. 21 FUELS, FUEL SUPPLY SYSTEMS FOR SI AND CI ENGINES: Conventional fuels, alternative fuels, normal and abnormal combustion, cetane and octane numbers, Fuel mixture requirements for SI engines, types of carburetors, C.D. ......
Pages: 34
Price: Rs 17   
Module 05 Total views (0)  
AUTOMOTIVE EMISSION CONTROL SYSTEMS: Different air pollutants, formation of photochemical smog and causes. Automotive emission controls, controlling crankcase emissions, controlling evaporative emissions, Cleaning the exhaust gas, Controlling the air-fuel mixture, Controlling the combustion process, Exhaust gas recirculation, Treating the exhaust gas, Air-injection system, Air-aspirator system, ......
Pages: 12
Price: Rs 6