SUBJECT : Zoology
AUTHOR : Manideep Raj
PUBLISHED ON : 08/08/19
NUMBER OF PAGES : ( 12 Pages)
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Flight Interception Traps, Bait Traps, Berlese-Tullgren Funnels, Pitfall Traps, Chemical Extraction, Flotation Methods, Malaise Traps, Canopy Fogging, Beat Sheet, Plankton Nets, Cylinder Samplers, Water Pumps and Hose, Kick Nets, Rock Basket Sampling, Grabs and Scoops, Multi-plate Sampling, Dredging, Hand-Collecting, Flashlights, Floodlamps and Blacklights, Yellow Pan Traps, Aerial Net, Sweep Netting, Emergence Traps, Aspirators and Vacuum Devices, Methods for collection of Parasitic Invertebrates