AUTHOR : K K Padmanabha, Madhukala K L, Pradeep Kaushik, Vatsalya Krupa
PUBLISHED ON : 09/04/18
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The word refractory implies resistant to melting or fusion. In technology, refractory refers to those materials which are used to withstand the effect of thermal, chemical and physical effects that do not melt during furnace procedures, whenever very high temperature is involved, for example, in furnaces, kilns and electrical heating apparatus. Refractories are the materials with high melting point and resist heat between low and high temperatures. The refractories provide the linings, supports and other 􀂿 laments. Thus refractories are those materials which are used for the construction of furnaces, kilns, ovens, crucibles and retorts etc. This is on account of their resistance to heat when they are subjected to the cutting action of 􀃀 ue gases, sudden changes in temperature and to the in􀃀 uence of slags. Refractories are sold in the form of bricks, silica, magnesite, chromite, magnesite-chromite bricks, silicon carbide and zirconia refractories etc. The 􀃀 uxes required for binding together the particles of the refractories are kept at a minimum in order to reduce vitri􀂿 cation.