Title      : Business Taxation 1
Subject      : Management
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Author      : K Yathiraju
Publisher      : Subhas Stores
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Central Sales Tax/G.S.T Total views (0)  
An Act to formulate principles for determining when a sale or purchase of goods takes place in the course of inter-state trade or commerce or outside a State or in the course of imports into or export from India, to provide for the levy, collection and distribution of taxes on sales of goods in the course of inter-state trade or commerce and to declare certain goods to be of special importance ......
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Customs Act Total views (0)  
The term customs is not new for us. It was customary for a trader who brings the goods to a particular kingdom to offer gifts to the King for allowing him to sell his goods in that kingdom. The gifts given by the dealer to the king was nothing but a customary practice in those days. In the modern days, these gifts are collected by the government of India in the form of Customs Duty from the im ......
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Central Excise Total views (0)  
The central Excise Act came into force on 28 - 02 - 1944. It extends to the whole of India. It has been extended to further continental shelf of India and the Exclusive Economic Zones of India i.e., upto 200 nautical miles in the sea. Central Excise is a duty on excisable goods manufactured or produced in India, other than alcoholic, liquor. Duty liability is principally on ‘manufacturer’, exc ......
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Value Added Tax Total views (0)  
One of the objectives of taxation is to avoid double taxation for the commodities and services. Previously old sales tax structure was developed in such a way that have attracted double tax resulting in a cascading tax burden. Globally there were three sales tax systems were operated in the past, Such as (a) Single Point Tax System (b) Multi Point Tax System and (c) Retail Sales Tax System. Al ......
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