SUBJECT : Energy Engineering
PUBLISHED ON : 31/05/17
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Human beings have been endowed with the magnificent skill of sharp and logical thinking capacity, keen observation ability, matchless ability of imitating and power to pursue comfort in all respects. More than that they have been exclusively blessed with intuition which helps him to create, discover, innovate and incorporate the modifications as and when required. These skills have helped them to build civilized societies, kingdoms, countries, science, machines, space travel, etc. In the earlier stages the most of the developments were made on the basis of detailed observation of their surroundings i.e. the nature itself created knowledge based data bank. These data mostly were in a cryptic form and were orally transmitted from generation to generation. Over a span of period, the pictorial languages and better languages were developed, which led to inscribe the available data on stones or metal plates. However, these languages are yet to be deciphered. Any how the proof is there the earlier humans harnessed all types of energy sources available in the nature as much as possible to make their life happy and comfortable.